IDBM Impact 2018 - Transdisciplinary in practice


in practice

The IDBM community warmly invites you to IDBM Impact, a conference exploring opportunities of transdisciplinary collaboration for creating real-world impact.


Discussion-sparking, as well as, insightful innovation project pitches.


The event marks the focal point of the academic year for students of the International Design Business Management program at Aalto University.


Explore how transdisciplinary collaboration opens new ways to shape the future.


Impact provides a platform to come together, connect, and exchange ideas with alumni, industry experts, and faculty.



The International Design Business Management (IDBM) programme is a joint teaching and research platform of the Aalto University’s Schools of business, design and technology. The aim of the IDBM programme is to develop world-class expertise in global design business management through multidisciplinary research and learning.

The projects explore the principles of design and technology driven business innovation to provide new insights. By joining your best knowledge with young talents, the aim is to co-create the solutions for the design and technology driven businesses of tomorrow.

The project is driven by a multidisciplinary team of 4-5 master’s degree level students from various fields of design, business, and technology. Together with company staff, academic senior coaches support and direct the progress of research and solution-seeking throughout the duration of the project. On a needed basis, the projects may have non-disclosure agreements.

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Make an impact.

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